Pausing tracking on vehicles

Modified on Wed, 01 Sep 2021 at 03:40 PM

FleetMotus lets you switch between collecting tracking data and ignoring tracking data. This maintains the fleet data integrity while honouring employees' data privacy rights. With FleetMotus, you have a few options for pausing tracking depending on the needs of the fleet.

Ad hoc or infrequent switches

If a fleet vehicle's business vs. personal trips are ad hoc, they are not on a predictable or regular schedule. The stopping or starting of tracking is not a common occurrence. In this scenario, an operator can manually edit whether the server is receiving and logging a vehicle's position and tracking data - or ignoring it. Speak to a support agent about toggling tracking on & off.

Automated switching with high customisation

Sometimes vehicles have a typical working schedule but you need flexibility. Scripting can automate the switch from tracking vehicle positions to ignoring vehicle positions. By using tags and scripting, the scheduling is highly customisable. Tags are flexible and easy to manage. If different vehicles maintain different schedules, you can also handle this using different tags. If vehicles or schedules change, you can easily switch tags. Speak to a support agent to automate schedules with scripting.

Automated switching with fixed schedules

Sometimes working hours are fixed across an organization and very predictable. This could allow you to set tracking schedules by roles. While not as flexible, this method doesn't require scripting. Learn more about the tracking schedule plugin by click here or contact a support agent.

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