Optimizing your fleet's tasks

Modified on Fri, 12 Nov 2021 at 10:16 AM

1. Create a Dispatch Route

2. You will need at least three jobs/tasks to enable the option Optimize Job Order.


3. Save your dispatch route.

Optimization Options

The jobs can be optimized according to the following options:


  • Return to start: the route will be optimized taking into account that the worker needs to return to the starting point.
  • Stay at last job: the route will be optimized taking into account that the worker will stay at the last job location.

Important notes

  • The automatic optimization of routes requires solving a notorious and complex problem in computer science called "The Travelling Salesman Problem".
  • Truly solving the problem and obtaining the guaranteed the best route for a set of points on a map is an extremely time and resource consuming problem. It is even more complex on road networks where the distance between two points might be different depending on which direction you drive between them due to one-way road systems.
  • For this reason, the automatic optimization feature uses an approach that performs an estimate and gets a result that is not necessarily the very best solution but should be a good one and should help give your fleet significant fuel savings over time when used for a worker's daily set of jobs.
  • If your route is optimized by the server it will let you know how much time you saved when it is finished. 

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